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Monthly Beauty Column

Frankton Flyer

August 2019

“I don’t know about you, but this winter seems to have brought more and more germs and nasty bugs going around. As a working mummy of two, I spend all my time looking after everyone else that I forget to take care of the person that needs it the most… That’s when those germies hit me HARD!

From the sniffles of my comfy bed, here’s some tips on what I do to look better, even when my bodies telling me different’’

Beating the Post Sickness Skin

When you’re sick, you probably notice that your skin takes a real beating.

Dry, dull looking skin can be one of the main symptoms that your bodies screaming at you to rest.

The best way to put some life back into your skin is by using a face mask at night.

YES at night!

Apply a thin layer of hydrating face mask on top of your night cream and simply go to sleep! In the morning wash off as usual.

Your skin will be extra hydrated and brought back to life.

Now… getting our bodies extra hydrated is a little harder, imagine sleeping in a full body mask? Sounds amazing, but I don’t think our bank balance would appreciate it.

The easiest way is to mix up a little potion to add to a hot bath:

~ ½ cup of baby oil

~ ½ cup of full cream milk


~ add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil to add scent & boost relaxation

Tan Me Healthy!

Nothing beats a tan, even when you feel rubbish, looking sun kissed will always make you feel better.

To get that beautiful, even tan ensure you do all your hair removal and exfoliating 24-hours before your tan.

I recommend using exfoliating mittens, there cheap as chips and give your skin a real good exfoliation!

Just before tanning, ensure you don’t have any moisturiser or deodorant on.

This can react and turn the tan green – having a quick shower beforehand will help.

Post tan - let the tan rinse off in the shower, don’t use any soap! and pat dry the skin.

Apply a rich moisturiser to the skin to lock in the tan and keep it lasting longer.

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