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An anti-aging superhero ingredient? Check!

Improved joint health? Check!

An overall skin glow-up? Check!

Those are just some of the possible known benefits from the natural goodness of marine collagen.


Our Tonik No.6 offers an organic, pure and concentrated marine collagen capsule ready to deliver oceans of nutrients to heighten your wellness (without the fishy smell or taste)

An inside-out approach to enhance your body’s ability to produce collagen, naturally!

Organic Marine Collagen is clinically proven to stimulate collagen.

Thanks to its smaller particle size, it’s also considered to be the most bioavailable collagen peptide form (actively absorbed and used by your body), compared to other collagen options like bovine or porcine.

As a single ingredient sup’, it’s a pure and concentrated form of collagen that we’ve made sure is gently and easily absorbed via a soft-gel liquid capsule (without dilution)

Unlike collagen skincare products which are difficult to absorb (say via your face), Tonik No.6 Marine Collagen works from the inside out for real results!

250mg of concentrated, natural, pure marine collagen for positive benefits to your skin, brain and body!

All in an easily swallowed, faster absorbed capsule.

Think of collagen as your own natural anti-aging protein!

It’s an MVP when it comes to energy levels and joint health – and a BIG reason in why our skin is firm, plump and hydrated!

We lose around 1% of our natural collagen on average each year once we reach our 20’s, so Tonik No.6 is an effective way to have you feeling and looking your best – by stimulating collagen levels naturally.

It’s a smart supplement too and will travel to areas that need it most first: Achy joints? Off it goes in your bloodstream! Are premature signs of aging a bigger concern? Collagen, get to work!

An important note: Lots of collagen particles are too large to be properly digested and absorbed.

They are simply expelled from your body (aka: wasted!).

We’ve made sure that won’t happen!

Marine Collagen Supplements

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