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Small, yet powerful – your gut’s new best friend in a soft-gel capsule form.

It contains some pretty darn special (and highly beneficial) prebiotics to help maintain a happy gut and elevated you, naturally.


Tonik No.5 is packed full of a very impressive hero ingredient: PreticX® (which contains Xylooligosaccharides; aka XOS) – a mouthful your body will love.

This clinically proven, selective prebiotic complex helps stimulate (and can even increase) the healthy bacteria in your gut – yes, please!

Once our effective supplement is metabolised by your body’s microflora it can get started on delivering a range of health effects: we’re talkin’ colon cell protection, bowel function (+ comfort), a boost to your energy, improved digestion (sans bloating), anti-aging support, and overall immunity and wellness.

300mg PreticX® in a liquid-filled soft gel.


Fact: Our bodies can’t form prebiotics on their own, so we need to get them from our diet or a hard-working supplement (like this one!)

Tonik No.5’s gentle, yet potent PreticX® will nourish your existing probiotic bacteria and help maintain healthy microflora balance and immune system function.

This prebiotic blend also promotes intestinal comfort and regularity (yes, the toilet kind) without any additional bloating or flatulence.

Don’t forget about your gut!

Prebiotic Supplements

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