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"Especially at nighttime, we can see them when we are in the backyard mdashbig dog-sized rats," added Raul Campos, another neighbor. Do your best to work with the hoarder, document your interactions, and consult an attorney who understands FHA : compliance. Often, you can bring in a professional hoarder , cleaning service and charge those costs back to the tenant. Eviction should only be considered as a last resort. I spend the vast majority of ordinary, more or less hygienic days liquidating estates and buying and selling all manner of antiques and collectibles. About nine years ago, pretty much by accident, the company that my wife and I operate began tackling homes like these. We didn't know what hoarding was until the day we met an exasperated daughter at her mother's home. She said she had to remove her mother from her house and empty it so that she could sell it. She had contacted 10 other companies that turned her away. Maybe we could gather and sell at least some of her mother's belongings to get them out of the house? Please?cleaning personSome people are wondering how to properly give a tip, like should it be cash or maybe in other forms? For one-time services, cash is the most favored form and cleaners prefer this too. Nevertheless, if some cleaner is a regular , person who does the job in your home, you may feel uncomfortable giving the cash each time. Great if you know your cleaner well , and you may even know their tastes, for example, you can gift a bottle of wine. A gift card is a great way to show your appreciation too. Ordering food while a maid is cleaning? You can order some spare food, and eat it together, but cleaner could be limited with time so you should ask before. Viewers can tune into FOX on Monday's at 9/8C to watch upcoming episodes of "The Cleaning Lady." There’s a new show premiering Monday night on Fox that’s all about taking care of messes, but it’s much, much bigger than spilled wine or a dirty kitchen. Deco’s chatting with the stars of “The Cleaning Lady.”exterior house washingWe strive to bring clients instant results and long-term benefits, all in one service. Our house washing service integrates both of these goals to ensure that your satisfaction is always guaranteed. It's better late than never, right? Our team specializes , in all areas of exterior house power washing, and that includes windows, rooftops, porches, sidewalks, ЛОЖЬ ЛОЖЬ """""""

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